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Signs of Addiction

Signs of Addiction By Addiction Solutions of Nantucket Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction If you recognize any of these behaviors in your loved one, it is likely they are suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). Habitually covers up the truth or denies the truth, even when it is obvious Manipulates people or situatons […]

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Breaking the Stigma of Addiction

No matter what the situation, no one wants to feel devalued or judged. If you know someone facing addiction and the stigma associated with it, you can help by offering empathetic and nonjudgmental support by: Avoiding hurtful labels  Being kind to people in vulnerable situations  Listening without judging  Supporting rather than avoiding  Replacing negative attitudes […]

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Dr. Tim Lepore’s Words of Wisdom

In his continuing passion to help those with substance abuse disorders, Dr. Tim’s perspectives can be a lesson to all. No one wants to be an addict. People who experiment with drugs don’t plan to become addicted. Whether for a simple wisdom tooth extraction, recovering from an accident, or even surgical procedures, this exposure can […]