How we can help.

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket has seen what true dependency looks like. It is raw.

It is raw. It is real and very damaging to friends and loved ones–not just the individual.

Our Experience

In our experience helping those suffering from addiction, we have witnessed true recovery. Dr.Timothy Lepore and our staff have seen men and women of all ages come back from the brink and rejoin their friends and family as productive, clean, sober survivors.

How do we get them there?

Through hard work, sacrifice, and some of the most effective, customized, medically-assisted treatment programs in New England! Addiction Solutions of Nantucket’s caring, talented addiction specialists, take the time to work with you, assess your unique needs, and fine-tune an ideal medical regimen that will eliminate the symptoms of your addiction at the very roots.

Why us.

Our Commitment

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket offers the exceptional addiction recovery methods, treatment options, and services you need to get back to the optimal state of living. These in-house treatments include:   

It is important for you to understand that we are a Medication Assisted Treatment Program. What that means, simply, is that a key component of our program is Doctor-prescribed medication designed to begin the process of helping you defeat your addiction.
  • Medication Prescriptions
  • Urine Testing/Mouth Swabs
  • Crisis Counseling & Intervention
  • Basic Medical Services (as needed)
  • Referrals for HIV/Hepatitis C Testing
  • Counseling on Reproductive Health/Pregnancy Management
  • And more
You don’t pack a bag and move in with us.  You are not an inpatient within a dedicated addiction treatment facility.
 But, initially, you will spend a good deal of time with us over the initial weeks and months. It will take time for us—together—to navigate through the sea of opioids, drugs, and alcohol to reach the safe harbor of recovery. Our program is strictly confidential. No one will know you are in treatment unless you give us specific permission to let selected others know.
“The Vivitrol medication that Addiction Solutions of Nantucket made available was a complete lifesaver. It allowed me to walk into recovery with more ease. I was able to focus on AA and my therapy because I did not have triggers for drinking. I think Vivitrol combined with a good recovery program is priceless!”
Jane Doe
A Grateful Female Patient