A Reality Check

Addiction does not discriminate.  We also know that those suffering don’t always seek help.

Take a reality check and learn about:

• How we’ve helped patients recover with the island’s only Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program. 

• Obtaining resources and new materials to help those struggling with addiction.

• How stigma impacts the recovery process as shown in The Boy Next Door, Breaking the Stigma.

The Boy Next Door—Breaking the Stigma

The Boy Next Door, Breaking the Stigma premiered on May 24 at the Dreamland Theater to a sold out show. You could have heard a pin drop as the audience watched a story about a young man caught in the trap of addiction and how stigma impacted him and his family on Nantucket.  

A brief Q&A sesson afterward was filmed and will be available for viewing on this site.  Please sign up for our newsletters for updates on this film and our efforts moving forward.  

Our press release below give a little history on why this film was made.

Press Release

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket offers the island community new resources: Coffee and Reality Check with Dr. Tim Lepore, premiering short film The Boy Next Door – Breaking the Stigma, and new digital resources online.

May 12, 2022, NANTUCKET, MA:  Addiction Solutions of Nantucket proudly announces its continued commitment to addiction recovery services and stigma advocacy awareness to serve the Nantucket community. 

Free and open to the public (reservations required), on May 24, 8:00 – 9:00 AM at The Dreamland Theater, attendees are invited to have Coffee with Dr. Lepore, as he presents A Reality Check by Addiction Solutions of Nantucket. Dr. Lepore will discuss addiction on Nantucket, the uses of medication in treating the illness, the role negative stigma has on seeking recovery.  He will also introduce the 13-minute short film The Boy Next Door – Breaking the Stigma, a story about a young man caught in the trap of addiction and how stigma impacted him and his family on Nantucket.

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket is grateful to have received a grant from the  Community Foundation for Nantucket to produce the short film The Boy Next Door — Breaking the Stigma.  

As Dr. Timothy Lepore, President of ASN states, “Awareness and taking action to seek help are the first important steps to battling Substance Use Disorders (SUD). This film is intended to raise appreciation for addiction as an illness rather than a weakness, and to enlighten viewers about the fact that addiction does not discriminate. With 1 in 14 Americans touched by addiction, we cannot look the other way.” 

According to HazeldenBettyFord.org, “Today, the stigma of addiction is seen as a primary barrier to effective addiction prevention, treatment and recovery efforts at the individual, family, community, and societal levels. Addiction stigma prevents too many people from getting the help they need.” 

The organization hopes for widespread viewing of the video intending to motivate young adults (and all ages) to change their negative views of people suffering from addiction to garner understanding and support. Dr. Lepore’s challenges: “Where there is help, there is hope.”

Credits and thanks go to Nantucket Community Television for producing the film, and to Mind’s Eye Communications for guidance on the film and developing our new website and marketing campaign.

Register for your free seat at the Nantucket Dreamland Theater. Limited capacity at this time. Free parking for attendees is available at the Nantucket Yacht Club.

Please help us help others.

Dependence on opioids, drugs, or alcohol is a personal and individualized addiction that does not discriminate. People of all types fall into this trap, and addiction has a stigma. No one is too far gone. We need your support help to change people’s lives. Let’s break the stigma of addiction.  
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