Our Work.

Our Process

No one is going to tell you that the first step toward a better life is easy.  When you have had enough of dealing with the stigma, pain, isolation, and the cost of addiction, a phone call to us could change your life’s direction and even save your life!

All it takes is the courage to decide that you are ready to break the chains of your addiction.

You don’t pack a bag and move in with us.  You are not an inpatient within a dedicated addiction treatment facility. However, initially you will spend a good deal of time with us over the initial weeks and months. It will take time for us—together—to navigate through the sea of opioids, drugs, and alcohol to reach the safe harbor of recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatments. (MAT)

It is important for you to understand that we are a Medication Assisted Treatment Program. What that means, simply, is that a key component of our program is Doctor-prescribed medication designed to begin the process of helping you defeat your addiction.

Confidential Program

Our program is strictly confidential. No one will know you are in treatment unless you give us specific permission to let selected others know.  Dependence on opioids, drugs, or alcohol is a very personal and individualized addiction that is not won easily or alone.  That is why we are here, to be on your side and help you win.

Recovery Step 1: Make the Call

It starts when you call 774-563-1907 and make an appointment to visit our office. You will meet with us one-on-one to discuss your challenges. Our goal is to get to know you and understand when and how your addiction began. We also want to be assured of your commitment and determination to free yourself from addiction.

We start with a contract. Why? Because you will be receiving medication to help deal with your addiction, we insist you sign a contract in which you agree not to misuse or divert the drug we prescribe to others. In addition, you must agree to accept professional counseling and agree to provide personal information to your professional counselor and us. The reason? To better enable us to know you and guide your recovery. We like to think of the contract as to how we establish mutual trust and by which we both pledge our commitment to achieving your addiction solution

Recovery Step 2: 
Your Prescription

You’ll leave our first-on-one session with a prescription from Dr. Lepore designed to help you begin the process of replacing the addictive substance. At the same time, the prescribed dose is intended to help you maintain your physical and emotional comfort during the early withdrawal phase of treatment.

Two or three days after having begun your medication, you return to the office, and Dr. Lepore will adapt to the prescribed drug. Based on your experience with the drug and his assessment, any necessary changes will be made to your prescription.

Recovery Step 3 Appointments

You will be given appointments to visit Dr. Lepore and his staff to monitor your progress once a week. In addition, you will be given a list of therapists on Nantucket that treat the behavioral aspect of your addiction and be required to make the necessary appointments for regular visits. 

Reversing an addiction is not just a matter of taking medication; it’s also very much a matter of changing basic behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, and lifestyles. That is what the therapist will help you accomplish

Recovery Step 4:
Dosage Monitoring

As your body demonstrates that it can tolerate the medication we prescribed, the dose will be monitored and adjusted to ensure you have been free from cravings for the addictive substances, illicit drugs, and alcohol you have been using.

Regular sessions with the therapist and scheduled visits to Dr. Lepore and his team will continue until we all agree your addiction has been controlled.

Stay Connected

While total abstinence from opioids, drugs, or alcohol will be the goal, we know that addiction is often chronic, and relapses occur even to the most determined patient. An addiction-free life is not easy to obtain or maintain without support.  That is why we will remain connected to you as only a phone call away anytime you fear relapse or if a slip might actually occur. That is why we take an integrated approach to your sobriety.

Recovery Success

When the time comes that your addiction is a thing of the past, and you are anchored securely in a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle, you’ll be awarded our special pin. It will serve as a private sign to others going through their journey toward sobriety. Seeing your pin, they will understand you have won the battle and are ready to be of help; to encourage those who have shared your experience and those who are currently involved in treatment with Addiction Solutions.

“Addiction Solutions has been an integral part of my recovery. A few years ago, I was prescribed painkillers for surgery which led to an opiate relapse. A good friend suggested I visit Addiction Solutions rather than fall back into using Heroin. The staff there worked with me to find a solution to my predicament, and I tried Suboxone for the first time. To my astonishment, I found that my cravings subsided with the right dosage, and I have been able to be a productive member of the community. With the counseling of the staff, I have lowered my doses down to no more than what I need. I feel that the support I get from the program has been integral to leading a life that "keeps me out of trouble." I am very grateful that the program is here on island, and I highly recommend it to anyone who might be struggling with addiction.”
A Grateful Man
AS Male Patient