Our patients that broke the chains. They fought. They won. You can too.

These are real stories that our patients are willing to share, in hope to help others.

Story one

The Vivitrol medication that Addiction Solutions of Nantucket made available was a complete lifesaver. It allowed me to walk engage with the recovery process with more ease. I was able to focus on AA and my therapy because I did not have triggers to drink. I think Vivitrol combined with a good recovery team of therapists is a priceless program!

– A Grateful Female Patient

Story Two

Addiction Solutions has been an integral part of my recovery. A few years ago, I was prescribed painkillers for surgery which led to an opiate relapse. A good friend suggested I visit Addiction Solutions rather than fall back into using Heroin.

The staff there worked with me to find a solution to my predicament, and I tried Suboxone for the first time. To my astonishment, I found that my cravings subsided with the correct dosage, and I have been able to be a productive member of the community. With the counseling of the staff, I have lowered my doses down to no more than what I need. The support I get from the program has been integral to leading a life that keeps me out of trouble.

I am very grateful that the program is here on island, and I highly recommend it to anyone who might be struggling with addiction.

– A Grateful Male Patient

Story Three

Addiction Solutions played a crucial role in saving my life. As a struggling addict, I had multiple attempts at recovery before receiving help from Addiction Solutions. During all of those previous attempts, the mental obsession with using opiates, in particular, was so intense that I repeatedly relapsed. I desperately wanted to get and stay clean, but that was not enough to rid my brain of the fierce obsession. I knew that my choices were: Death or trying Medication-Assisted Treatment (Suboxone). Thankfully, I decided to try the MAT (link to section). When I was on medication and attending Addiction Solutions, I was able to get my life back on track by ridding myself of addict behaviors (lying, stealing, cheating, etc.). I had gainful employment and mended relationships with myself and others. When I felt ready, I was able to successfully get off the medication and continue my recovery.

Addiction Solutions, in combination with therapy and community support networks, saved my life.

– Another Grateful Female Patient

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