The Boy Next Door: Breaking the Stigma

A Short Film

The following films and resources below are made available from Addiction Solutions of Nantucket. They were designed to serve discussion groups led by teachers, mental health councilors, and anyone willing to facilitate a discussion about this topic.

Nothing impacts us more than when tragic events happen in our community. This powerful and poignant 13-minute film takes the heartbreaking story of addiction and its impact and turns it to hope that breaking the negative stigma surrounding addiction can bring. 

Please share this film with anyone concerned with addiction and the need to break the stigma against it. 

As Dr. Timothy Lepore, President of ASN (Addiction Solutions of Nantucket), states, “Awareness and taking action to seek help are the first important steps to battling Substance Use Disorders (SUD). This film is intended to raise understanding of addiction as an illness rather than a weakness. In addition, it should enlighten viewers that addiction does not discriminate. With 1 in 14 Americans touched by addiction, we cannot look the other way.” 

These materials will support parents, family, friends, and co-workers in learning more about substance use and engage viewers in discussing teens/adults and drugs/alcohol addiction. 

Click below to access each blog resource. Each resource page offers a downloadable pdf.

“If this film saves one life, it was worth it.”
Liz McCusker

Watch our Q&A session after The Boy Next Door: Breaking the Stigma premiered at the Dreamland Theater. 

Play Video about The Boy Next Door Q&A Session